2016 Year-End Retrospective

Happy New Year!


I want to first wish you Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and a blessed 2017. May the new year bring you all you wish for professionally and personally. I also want to say thank you for being a leader and change agent, doing what you do every day to help your teams become higher performing and healthier.


Reflecting on last year, I want to share our top accomplishments and biggest lessons learned. I hope you find valuable insights to help along your own transformation journey!


What We Accomplished

Our team has grown!group-pic-inside We added several new team members who have contributed so much value already. I sometimes have to pinch myself…we are so lucky to have such a talented, passionate and ‘all-in’ group of people.


If you are hiring new team members, check out the book called The Ideal Team Player. It has been helpful for us to look through the lens of Hungry-Humble-Smart.








Our Agile measurement and continuous growth tool has grown a lot this past year. Here are the highlights:


  • Our customer base grew! We are so proud to have new customers with 800+ teams, 150+ teams, 90+ teams, and many others. We are also piloting with several very large companies we hope to convert to ‘Happy Customers’ in 2017. Thank you so much for your trust in us, and for sharing our passion for enabling healthy teams and organizations!
  • We had the HIGHEST attendance ever in the history of Gartner’s Emerging Technology stage at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo! Ygartneres, we rocked the house. It was a great team effort.
  • We launched several new Radars such as: Business Agility Health, Technical Health, Scaled Agile Radars, Lean Portfolio Health, Lean Product Development and several Role based 360 radars (Adaptive Leader, Agile Coach Health, Product Owner Health, Scrum Master health, etc.). Thank you to all of our customers who piloted these and helped improve them through their feedback.
  • We added a ton of new awesome features such as:
    • The ability to visualize the growth of teams across several quarters.
    • An easy to view growth item dashboard (team, organizational level and enterprise) so you can quickly determine where help is needed…and do something about it!
  • The growth-portalGrowth Portal – Enable your teams to help themselves grow or ask for help…To the left is a sneak peek.
  • Integration with Jira, Agile Central (Rally) and VersionOne.
  • The Enterprise Health Dashboard with visual RIOI graphs showing if you are getting ‘faster’, ‘better’ and ‘healthier’ over time.
  • We launched our AgilityHealth Partner program for Independent coaches, Agile consulting companies and Agile tooling partners. BIG thanks to our partners who engaged with us in 2016!

Request a Demo to see AgilityHealth in action.



If you know us well, you know seeing companies succeed with their enterprise transformation is what makes us come to work each day. 2016 was a great year!


  • Our coaching team grew with an amazing group of rock star enterprise coaches that we are very proud to have on board!

What We Learned

  • As we engaged with several enterprise transformations this year, we learned how critical it is to have an ‘all-in’ senior leadership team that is cross-functional (beyond technology) to help lead the transformation vision, guide through the change/fear and make the cultural changes needed to sustain the effort.
  • Not having an upfront Enterprise Transformation Strategy and roadmap can lead to lots of dysfunctions, churn, confusion and local optimization. We really came to appreciate the holistic view of the EBA pillars as a way of guiding what real business outcomes are important to the customer.
  • Transformations are hard…we learned that “Going slow together is better than speeding ahead alone”. These are wise words from a transformation leader who has taught us this very important lesson of bringing people along and making sure the pace is sustainable. There is a level of patience we (change leaders) need to have when leading transformations that are changing the DNA of how a company operates.

Next Up

We are working on many new and exciting things for 2017 such as:


  • Disrupting the HR world and helping discover what Agile Talent Management could really look like (see results from our Agile HR Discovery Session).
  • AgilityHealth – Launching the Growth Portal, Benchmarking with others, and enabling an Intelligence Engine, which will provide more predictive analytics for what teams are struggling, why and what to do about it.
  • Agilevideos.com – We hired a new Product Owner and will be integrating Agile Videos into our full enablement model to help you scale learning across the enterprise. We will be adding new content for Kanban and Lean Product Development. If you haven’t yet checked out our videos, you can visit AgileVideos.com for free access to over 20 videos. Or, if you’re interested in purchasing the entire library, click here and use promo code AV2017 at checkout for $50 off!


Thanks for being part of our journey! From all of us here at Agile Transformations, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


– Sally


Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta
President, Agile Transformation Inc.
Founder, AgilityHealth


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