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Product Overview

AgilityHealth is an 360 assessment and data visualization tool developed for organizations that have adopted Agile methods and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams.

AgilityHealth Demo Screencast


Q1 vs Q2 compare picture

  • Powerful Visibility into Performance – ‘How are our teams doing from a performance and health perspective’
  • Targeted Growth Plans – ‘What should the teams focus on to grow? How can leaders help them?’
  • Measurable Growth – ‘How will we measure our improvement and know we got better quarter after quarter?’


  • Powerful 360 assessment that is desktop and mobile ready
  • Detailed radar view that plots respondents and shows variance levels
  • Actionable growth plan backlog for teams and leaders
  • Compare two radars with each other to visualize the change
  • Filter by specific participant groups, for example you can see what Distributed Team members responded vs. Co-Located Team members or Business vs. Technology
  • Powerful tagging allows you to filter team by product line, program, work type, portfolio, strategic objective or any other way you can think of!

Target Audience

  • Team leaders, coaches or managers who want to gain visibility into their team’s health and performance. They want to have a simple tool to track their growth plan and see their progress visibly from quarter to quarter.
  • Executive and other leaders who are interested in seeing the TeamHealth for multiple teams. Their objective is to gain visibility into their progress and identify key areas across all the teams they can help with.


Building Lean High Performing Teams!