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Intro to Scrum Videos

This is the most popular and most watched series that introduces you to the core of Scrum including the main roles, process, artifacts and important terms used. If you are new to Agile this is where you should start!
4 videos | 33 min

Effective Facilitation Videos

This is a powerful 2-part series that will give you the skills to transform the effectiveness of your Agile and non-Agile meetings immediately! Part One focuses on core facilitation skills and Part Two digs deep into the ten Agile meetings.
38 videos | 5 hrs

Agile Simulation Videos

Watch this unique Day in The Life of an Agile Team Simulation and follow the team as they go through all the Agile lifecycle activities from visioning, planning, writing stories, sizing, release planning and execution.
23 videos | 3hrs

High-Performing Teams Videos

This series digs deeper into how to lead a high-performing team by covering topics like servant leadership, collaboration, conflict resolution and team maturity stages. Without this cultural transformation Agile won’t stick.
18 videos | 2hrs

Agile Team Videos

Dig deeper into the various Agile Roles, including the 3 Scrum Roles. You will explore how traditional roles such as Sponsors, Management, Project Manager, Analyst, Developer, Tester change on an Agile Team.
17 videos | 2hrs

Deep Dive Webinar Videos

Watch this set of practical and engaging hour-long webinars that go deeper into many introductory and advanced topics on Agile. You’ll get a ton of real-world, practical knowledge you can use right away. So dig in!
14 videos | 10 hrs

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