Chris Lenzo

Chris Lenzo

Vice President, Technology at NextGear Capital

NextGear Capital’s Technology organization is unique in that it is less than 3 years old. We have hired more than 200 team members into the technology group during this time and have a mission to adopt lean and agile thinking as part of our Technology team’s vision.

In previous organizations, my experience with agile transformation involved replacing an existing set of practices. At NextGear Capital, we were building our agile practices in a “green field” way. Finding an agile coach with this kind of experience was a prerequisite. Working through an established agile network, we engaged Randy to help with our implementation.

Randy was instrumental in helping to shape our organization in many ways. Working at all levels (senior, mid-level and team), he helped create and develop our agile thinking and focus our attention to delivering value to our business stakeholders. His knowledge, energy and passion were instrumental in helping NextGear Capital create a agile technology organization.

Randy possesses a strong set of skills and understands all aspects of organizational change. He is thorough in his approach and willing to engage at any level to ensure team and organizational success.