Agile Transformation Partners with I C Agile

Agile Transformation has partnered with the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) to provide certifications for our classes. We are listed as a “Member Training Organization” (MTO) on their provider list.


ICAgile was founded to support the “BEING” of Agile – which is believed to be a missing and an essential ingredient to sustainable agility.

ICAgile Certifications are different from other certifications in the following areas:

  1. ICAgile has 21 certifications covering 8 agile disciplines which are part of a learning roadmap.
  2. ICAgile provides 3 levels of certifications: Professional-Level, Expert-Level, and Master-Level.
  3. ICAgile’s Professional-Level Certification is not earned by passing a standardized exam, instead, ICAgile requires training providers to have some form of meaningful assessment during the class (e.g. simulations, group exercises, etc.).
  4. ICAgile’s Expert- and Master-Level Certifications are earned by performing a live demonstration to a panel of agile experts.
  5. ICAgile has a rigorous accreditation process for all educational content ensuring its alignment to the learning objectives and encouraging active learning opportunities such as exercises, games, discussions, and hands-on experience.

To learn more about ICAgile, please visit:

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