Real Transformation Stories

Below are some videos and case studies of Real World transformation stories to inspire you along your own journey! Do YOU have a story you want to share on our ‘Tell us your transformation story’ video series? Please let us know below!

CEO Steve Martin Talks About Their Agile Transformation Journey

Steve Martin, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NE, shares his view of their Agile Transformation journey over the past few years with a group of attendees at the local Agile Meetup. The camera was shaky but what he says is worth it’s weight in gold so enjoy this video and take in his wisdom!

NFM Transformation Story with Robyn Messerly

Watch as Robyn Messerly, Director of Software Development at Nebraska Furniture Mart shares the inspiring story of why they decided to transform to Agile, how they got buy-in, what they did to pilot and scale Agile and the success they’ve achieved! Robyn shares a wealth of real world tips that will inspire many leaders to begin or continue their transformation journey.

Thank you Robyn for sharing your story!

An Executive Perspective on Agile | Susan Courtney

Listen closely as Susan Courtney, CIO of BCBSNE share her message about what Agile really is and how to get buy-in for adoption. Her famous quote about ‘Agile is not about stand-ups and sticky notes, Agile is a way of thinking’ is right here!


Lean Business Agility

Lean Business Agility at Valmont Industries

Learn from Valmont Industries how they implemented Lean Business Agility into their manufacturing business.


Enterprise Agile Stable Teams and Budgeting with Susan Courtney

Learn from Susan Courtney, what it means to move to Enterprise Stable Teams and how it affected the budgeting process.

We’re inspired by their stories because executing a successful transformation is hard work, but these leaders and their teams made it happen!

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