Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer & Courseware Licensing

“Scale learning within your organization using internal trainers.”

Enable your internal trainers with the skills and support they need to deliver our Agile & Cultural Workshops while providing a cost effective and scalable training solution for your organization.

How it Works

 Select Your Workshop(s) & Identify Internal Trainer(s):
  • Choose workshop or suite of workshops
  • Partner with us to identify qualified internal trainers
  • Review custom quote with your Customer Success Manager 
 Trainer Certification:
  • Candidates attend the workshop they want to teach
  • Candidates attend a one-day Train the Trainer session
  • Candidates co-teach the workshop with an experienced trainer
  • Candidates submit Training Evaluations for the first 2 workshops within 12 months
 Execute Licensing Agreement:
  • Sign licensing agreement based on a per person or perpetual basis
  • Schedule your first workshop

What’s in it for the Trainers?


Our certification process is designed to help qualify only those who have the right mix of presentation, cognitive and practical experience to deliver quality workshops.

 Best in Class Courseware, Videos and Cheat Sheets:

The courseware is the best in the industry and developed by real world Agile experts with interactive and engaging workshops. Each trainer has one year access to along with our high quality cheat sheets and job aids.

 Trainer Support:

Each participant receives one hour of one on one coaching before they deliver their first course.

What’s in it for my Organization?

 Immediate Return on Investment:

Achieve immediate widespread and sustainable return on investment organization-wide through this cost effective solution that is often less than private or public training options.

 Improved Organizational Performance:

With strategies and skills taught by Agile Transformation Certified Trainers, you may expect higher productivity, better morale, improved customer satisfaction and increased collaboration cross-functionally.


Our offerings aim to transform many roles and teams organization-wide to higher performance methods of delivery and collaboration. Sponsoring organizations may schedule reoccurring workshops that provide the flexibility for participants to join when they can and maximizes attendance organization-wide.

Building Lean High Performing Teams!