Why Agile

Business Value and ROI of
Agile vs. Traditional Methods

About The Video

79 studies with quantitative data proves average ROI of 1872% ($20 return for $1 invested) for Agile – ROI is due to high productivity and high quality. Why did Gartner predict that 80% of all software projects will be moving to Agile in a few years? Does Agile only apply to software? Who is really doing Agile? Does Agile really improve cost, schedule, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction compared to traditional methods?

This webinar will be hosted by Sally Elatta, President of Agile Transformation and PMI’s CoP Agile Expert and the internationally known expert Dr. David Rico who has authored several books including The Business Value of Agile Software Methods.

State of Agile Development 2012 Survey

Our partner VersionOne has released their popular State of Agile Development for 2012. Here are some highlights:

Agile Momentum

Future plans to implement agile grew from 59% in 2011 -> 83% in 2012. Nearly half said their organization has 5+ agile teams (48%), compared to only 33% in 2011.

Why Agile?

The top 3 benefits obtained include: the ability to manage changing priorities (90%), productivity (85%) and project visibility (84%).

How NOT to Fail at Agile

When agile projects have failed, in 2/3 of these cases it was because of either failure to integrate the right people or to teach a team-based culture. Top success factors when scaling agile: (1) Executive sponsorship – 23%, (2) Training/workshops – 18%, (3) Implementation of a common tool – 13%.

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